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[IMG]1. GIGABYTE Introduces the All-new P57 Laptop with Skylake CPU at CES 2016.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 166K
[IMG]2. P57W-Superior Performance and All-new Features.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 426K
[IMG]3. P55W- Class-leading Performance GTX 970M with Futuristic yet Subtle Look.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 464K
[IMG]4. P37X & P35X- Unrivaled Gaming with GTX 980M in an Ultra Slim Profile.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 336K
[IMG]5. The Exclusive Macro Key and Macro Hub Functions on the P37X Allow for Easy Macro Creation.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 386K
[IMG]6. P34W- Uncompromised Performance on the go with GTX 970M.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 335K
[IMG]7. P15F- Powerful GTX 950M & Wide View Display for Immersive Gameplay.jpg2016-01-05 17:29 287K

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